you can help end food insecurity in Princeton

Best Salsa in Princeton - People's Choice

People's Choice award winning restaurant 227.
Pictured: Bob Rabner, Wendy Vasquez, Patrick Lacey (representing 227) and Ross Wishnick

you can help end food insecurity in Princeton

Best Salsa in Princeton - Judges Choice

The Judges Choice award winner Torgugas Mexican Village. Pictured: Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert, Bob Rabner, Mexican Village onwer Jennifer Jefferis and Ross Wishnick

Best Salsa in Princeton - Poeple's Choice Winner

National Hunger Facts

In an effort to provide enough food for their household, 84% of food insecure families with children report purchasing the cheapest food available, even if they knew it was not the healthiest option.

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Food insecure children may be at greater risk of truancy and school tardiness.
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Food insecurity affects everyone

When they are in school, children who are food insecure may experience increases in an array of behavior problems including: fighting, hyperactivity, aggression, anxiety, mood swings, and bullying.

Princeton University Students pitch in

The Message is we can all pitch in

Some Princeton University incoming freshmen spent the day helping raise awareness about food insecurity and hunger. They even learned a thing or two themselves.

healthy eating
Healthy children are an investment in all of our futures.
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Children growing up in food-insecure families are vulnerable to poor health and stunted development from the earliest stages of life.

From everyone at Send Hunger Packing Princeton, Thank you!
Our Salsa and Salsa fund raiser was a huge success
and our supporters made it happen.


Yes, there is food insecurity in our community, and you can help!

What Send Hunger Packing Princeton (SHUPP) is all about.

Our Concern

Almost 420 kids in Princeton Public Schools, equating to 2 kids in each classroom are eligible for free and reduced price lunches from the Federal government. While this may provide food for them during the week, there is no support available on the weekends and holidays.

Eligibility for the "free and reduced" program doesn't guarantee one is food insecure, but it is a major indicator. Additionally, there are kids who may not qualify for this program who may still from time to time be food insecure.

We know that poor nutrition and learning are at odds. When children arrive to school on Monday morning, they have a right to be properly fed and ready to learn, and Send Hunger Packing Princeton was formed to make that possible.

Send Hunger Packing Princeton is a partnership between Mercer Street Friends and Princeton Public Schools. It is a free program, available to anyone, without pre qualifications, who opts in. If a family feels it could benefit from supplemental weekend meal assistance for their school aged children, they get it.

Our Effort

Send Hunger Packing Princeton is a collaborative effort of the Princeton Human Services Commission, Mercer Street Friends (a non-profit) and the Princeton School District. In September 2013, the Princeton Public Schools began to distribute weekend food backpacks, provided by Mercer Street Friends, to children in the Princeton schools (K-5, so far) and at the Princeton Nursery School. To date, SHUPP has distributed over 84,000 meals in this way.

Our Mission

The mission of SHUPPrinceton is to provide child-friendly supplemental weekend food through community organization and community financial support.

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