One Families Story

Thank you, Send Hunger Packing Princeton!
I, Nakeisha Ammons and my family would like to extend our biggest Thank You, to the SHUPP staff for all you do throughout the Princeton Public Schools to ensure that children in low income households have the opportunity to obtain supplemental meals over the weekend. Families like mine dealing with economic difficulties found relief in feeding our children through SHUPP.

I learned about this program when I resigned from my job to take care of my child with Asperger’s syndrome. My son's disability needed to be handled more attentively leaving our household with only one income. It was a major adjustment. We were in despair about how to feed our children as well as handling the household obligations. Then, I was introduced to SHUPP and their willingness to assist was a great relief to our burden.

Explaining my situation and that there are many others in this community just like me, to two members of the SHUPP team, they asked me to participate in a focus group to obtain data showing the actual need for supplemental food for families in the Princeton school district. It was a great honor to be able to help, and be a voice for my community.

The SHUPP program provides each of my children with a nutritional non-perishable breakfast, snack and lunch. These meals are packaged and given to my children discretely through the school, which is great for those who may be shy of their situation and who otherwise wouldn't join. My family is grateful to know that there is an organization that is ensuring a helping hand to families in need during these harsh economic times by assisting to feed our children at the end of each week. I also would like to thank you for inviting my family to come out for a great evening of fun with Chef Brian Duffy. Chef Duffy showed us ways to prepare simple nutritional meals for our children. The children assisted Chef Duffy at the event empowering them to help out with meal preparations at home. For all you do, thank you.


Nakeisha Ammons


Yes, there is food insecurity in our community, and you can help!
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